Kia Optima Tires: Sizes, All-Season and Winter Tires

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It’s hard to say how long your Kia Optima tires will last. Kicking Tires estimates a tire can last anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 miles on average. The lifespan of your Kia Optima tires is dependent on how you drive and whether you are driving on summer, all-season, or winter tires. Driving on under-inflated tires and with your Optima out of alignment will shorten your tires’ lifespan as well. There is no set interval for when you will need new tires, but here is a list of Kia Optima tires for when the time comes.

Sizes for Kia Optima Tires

Kia Optima tires vary between trim levels. Kia advises adhering to the Optima’s original tire size. “Kia does not recommend modifying or altering your Kia vehicle’s specifications including tire size in any manner. As with any modification, if a failure occurs on the vehicle that can be attributed to the modification, the warranty of any affected components may be voided,” according to Kia.
kia optima tires

2015 Kia Optima

  • LX 205/65 R16
  • EX 215/55 R17
  • SX 225/45 R18
  • Limited 225/45 R18
  • SX Turbo 225/45 R18

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Kia Optima Tires

We will take a look at tires from these dealers: Continental, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, and Nexen.

All-Season Tires

Kia Optima tires

The Bridgestone Driveguard tire improves fuel efficiency due to a low-rolling resistance.

  • Continental’s ProContact with EcoPlus tire improves fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. The tire does well when braking on wet surfaces. The Continental PureContact tire also improves fuel efficiency with low-rolling resistance. The tire also performs well in dry conditions thanks to a strong outer shoulder. Traction grooves and pattern edges help with grip in wet conditions. Silane also helps with grip on wet roads.
  • The Bridgestone DriveGuard tire provides a comfortable ride due to the tire’s handling in wet conditions. Silica helps with handling in wet conditions and an asymmetrical tread pattern directs water away from the tire’s tread. The tire improves fuel efficiency due to low-rolling resistance. You can also drive up to 50 miles at a maximum 50 mph on a punctured tire thanks to special technology.
  • The Yokohama AVID ENVigor tire has a unibloc shoulder and tapered center rib that provides enhanced handling on wet and dry roads. Angled groove walls improve water traction by directing water away from the tread. An advanced silica compound and optimized contact patch help lower rolling resistance, thus improving fuel economy.
  • The Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire has an asymmetric tread that improves handling and grip. A rim protector protects against curb damage.
  • Dunlop’s Signature II tire has Evaqua Grooves that help move water away from the tire’s tread. VersaLoad technology provides consistent handling and ride comfort. Multi-directional siping provides traction for driving in wet conditions. This tire only fits the EX and LX model Optimas.
  • Michelin’s Premier A/S tire has EverGrip technology, which helps keep the Optima from hydroplaning. Silica in the EverGrip compound provides grip in wet conditions. This tire also only fits the EX and LX model Optimas.
  • The Nexen CP662 tire may be the tire your new Optima came with. This tire has four straight grooves that improve traction in wet conditions. Rapid angle round grooves help with road noise and a lateral groove helps with ride comfort.

Winter Tires

Although all-season tires can handle wet conditions, winter tires have better handling and traction on snowy roads. Winter tires are also made to perform better at temperatures below 45 degrees.

Kia Optima tires

Nexen’s Winguard WinSpike tire has as V-shaped tread that helps with traction and handling on ice. This tire fits the Optima EX.

  • Continental’s ExtremeWinterContact tire provides excellent traction in the snow thanks to grip edges in the center of the tire. High sipe density reduces braking distances on ice and in snow. Incline grooves direct water away from the tire’s tread to help prevent hydroplaning. This tire only fits the Optima EX model with the 17-inch rim.
  • Yokohama’s tire has an asymmetric tread design which helps with cornering and traction on snowy roads. Micro silica helps the tire remain flexible at low temperatures. Zigzag sipes provide traction in snow and on ice. High-drainage grooves remove snow, slush, and water from the tire’s tread.
  • The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter tire has multiple biting edges that improve grip on snowy and icy roads. A directional tread pattern also helps with traction in the snow. Wide tread grooves move water away from the tire’s tread. This tire only fits the LX and EX Optima models.
  • Dunlop’s SP Winter Sport 3D tire has an active traction sipe system that improves performance, traction, and braking on ice and in snow. The directional tread design enhances performance in deep water.
  • Nexen’s Winguard WinSpike tire has a V-shaped tread pattern that maximizes traction and handling on ice. This tire only fits the EX model Optima.

Bridgestone and Michelin have winter tire options, however they didn’t meet the size specs for Kia Optima tires.
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