Boulder’s Vehicle Nature Fails: Hail, Rain, Pinecones, Tree Limbs, and Sap

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Boulder’s Nature Fails: Hail, Pinecones, Tree Limbs & Sap – Fisher Auto Collision Center Saves the Day!

Living in Boulder is an adventure, but sometimes Mother Nature gets a little too enthusiastic. Surprise Colorado hailstorms can leave dents, rogue pinecones become unwelcome roof ornaments, and rogue windstorms can send tree limbs crashing down. Don’t let Colorado’s natural disasters turn into car disasters! Fisher Auto Collision Center is Boulder’s one-stop automotive bodyshop for getting your car back in tip-top shape.

Fisher Auto’s Collision Center are the Champions Against Nature’s Fails:

  1. Hail Damage Heroes: Our bodyshop technicians are experts in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), making those hailstorm dings disappear like magic.
  2. Pinecone Patrol & Sticky SapSurprise: We’ll remove those pesky pinecones (and surprise any squirrel stowaways) and tackle stubborn tree sap before they damage your car.
  3. Wind & Branch Wranglers: High winds and falling limbs are no match for our bodyshop team. Our auto body techs can repair any wind-related damage or dent.
  4. Flash Flood Fury: If your car gets caught in a downpour with the sunroof open or the windows down, we’ll handle the water damage restoration and get you back on dry land.
  5. Insurance Navigation Ninjas: Dealing with insurance claims can be a hassle. The bodyshop director will handle all the paperwork, so you can focus on the beautiful scenery (minus the falling objects).
  6. Convenient Location: Fisher’s collision center bodyshop is located conveniently in Boulder, Colorado.

Don’t let nature’s little vehicle mishaps ruin your Boulder fun!

  1. * Free Estimates: No appointment needed, let our experts assess the damage. We’ll provide a transparent quote with no hidden fees.
    Our Body Shop is staffed with the most qualified technicians ready to answer your questions and address your body shop needs. Use our online form to schedule an appointment or contact our body shop if you have any additional questions.
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  2. Relaxation Station: While we work our magic, you can unwind in our comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments.
  3. Fisher Auto Collision Center: We speak fluent “Nature’s Oops!”

Here’s what you get when you choose Fisher Auto:

  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs for ultimate peace of mind
  • Rental car assistance to keep you on the move
  • Comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments
  • Easy online appointment scheduling to fit your busy schedule

Here’s what sets Fisher Auto Collision Center apart other local Boulder Collision Centers:

  • Collision Repair Champions: Our certified technicians are as passionate about cars as you are. They tackle everything from minor dings to major repairs with precision and expertise.
  • Dent Disappearing Detectives: Say goodbye to unsightly door dings and hail damage! Our paintless dent removal (PDR) specialists are wizards at restoring your car’s flawless look.
  • Like-New Guarantee: We use only premium parts and cutting-edge techniques to ensure a factory-perfect finish that lasts. You won’t believe it’s ever been bumped!
  • Insurance Navigation Ninjas: Dealing with insurance claims can be a hassle. We handle the paperwork directly with your insurance company, saving you time and frustration.
  • Your Boulder Pit Crew: Located conveniently in Boulder, we offer a comfortable waiting area with amenities, as well as easy drop-off and pick-up options.
  • Free and Fair Estimates: Get a transparent quote upfront, with no hidden fees. We believe in honesty and building trust with our customers.

Fisher Auto – Boulder Collision Center + Dent Repair, Since 1968.

Stop Googling “Colorado collision repair”, “Car care repair Boulder” or “Dent removal near Denver”. Fisher Auto Collision Center is your Boulder/Denver, Colorado solution for all things that are a nature-related vehicle damage repair. Contact us today and get your car back on the road, looking its best!

In a Hurry? No Problem! We understand that nature’s mishaps don’t wait for appointments. That’s why we offer walk-in service for most minor repairs.

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  1. *Hail Claim: $250 deposit applied to deductible.


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