The Significance and Purpose of CV Boots

April 26th, 2011 by

Automotive Services – CV Boots and Joints

Establishing a relationship with a quality auto service center and scheduling routine vehicle inspections and maintenance is an important factor in prolonging the life of your vehicle. If you don’t stay on top of your vehicle repairs, you could end up spending a lot more money on those repairs than necessary.  One thing to keep an eye on is your CV boots and joints.
Auto Service Centers - Fisher Auto - Boulder, COThe Constant Velocity (CV) joints are a set of joints in a vehicle that are comprised of several bearings to create power to the wheels.  CV joints move in several different ways in relation to the wheels’ directions.  The joints are linked closely together to cancel the other’s acceleration-deceleration effects. Like most integrated components, the CV joints are constantly in movement.  Due to the constant motion of these joints, friction is created which can impair the devices.
In order to prevent damage to the CV joints in an automobile and ensure you and your passengers are safe, the CV joints are each equipped with CV boots.  The CV boots serve as safeguards for the outside and inside of the joints.  CV boots prohibit foreign material from entering the joints and also reduce the amount of friction that occurs by lubricating the joints with grease.  The CV boots also are designed to contain the grease inside the CV joints which also extends the longevity and proper functioning of the CV joints.
Auto Service Centers - Boulder, CO - Fisher AutoHowever, it is extremely important for your safety and the protection of the automobile to have the CV boots checked out by a trusted service center, such as the one at Fisher Auto, to be sure they are functioning properly.  If the CV boots wear down, they could crack or tear which would be detrimental for the CV joint.  A torn CV boot will no longer block the entrance of foreign material into the CV joints.  Eventually, if not detected, these torn boots will result in a CV joint to begin to leak which will cause a high level of friction inside of the CV joints and ultimately, break down easier and quicker.
A broken CV joint is not a pleasant experience.  As the joint fails, one will experience an extremely loud clanging noise while accelerating and turning.  Plus, repairing a CV joint is very pricey.
In order to prevent such a hassle, CV boots should be inspected regularly and repaired when necessary to protect your vehicle, yourself, and your pocketbook.  To schedule a service appointment at Fisher Auto in Boulder, CO call or stop by today!