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Have Your Car Serviced By Someone You Trust and Avoid Repair Scams

Cars are downright expensive, to buy, to insure, and to maintain. At Fisher, we understand this, and we will never suggest unnecessary maintenance items. Avoid costly repair scams and have your car serviced by a team you trust.

What we mean by Auto Repair Scam

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Not This Kind of Repair Scam

You’ve probably heard stories like this; someone brings his car to the shop for an oil change, the shop calls to tell him that he needs a slew of other maintenance items, and he finally drives away with a four figure bill. There are plenty of circumstances where an expensive set of repairs are necessary, but there are also the cases where the service is necessary only to make the shop a hefty profit. The scams aren’t always as obvious as charging for blinker fluid and elbow grease either. For example, a shop might recommend a transmission fluid change at 12,000 miles when the manufacturer only recommends this service every 60,000 miles. If a customer was to follow this recommendation he would have wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars by the time a transmission service was actually necessary.

How to Detect an Auto Repair Scam

Modern cars are wildly complicated, so it makes sense that not many people really understand what’s going on in their vehicle. And that’s fine, but it isn’t an excuse to be taken advantage of. The best way to avoid being scammed is to lean on your owner’s manual. An owner’s manual will include a list of scheduled maintenance items; if the owner in the example above had referenced his owner’s manual he would see that he didn’t need three transmission fluid services before 60,000 miles. Another good idea is to have any shop explain what needs to be done, and why. A good service adviser will be able to put you at ease with the service being recommended, if the reasoning seems bogus, the service might be too.

How we treat you at Fisher.

We believe that a long lasting relationship with a customer is far better than a few extra dollars in profit, and that is why we will never, ever, recommend unnecessary service. We follow the manufactures recommendations to a t, no premature maintenance fluid changes or filter swaps. And when our skilled technicians do find parts that need replacing or service that should be complete we do our best to work with you. Our service advisers have years of experience to explain what is wrong, why it should be fixed, and the consequences of not doing so. They’re not salespeople and won’t push you into making any repairs that you are not comfortable with. Plus, our service advisers know that you have a budget too. If you have a list of recommended maintenance items, our advisers are happy to prioritize what should be done sooner and what can wait. This way you can drive safe but stay in budget.

Give Fisher a Try, We Service All Makes And Models

If you are worried that the shop you use now is being less than honest, give us a chance to earn your business. We take in pride in our 4.8 star rating on Google, and if that isn’t enough to convince you to give Fisher a try, have plenty of service specials here. 

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