Boulder’s Fisher Auto Helps Ensure That Your Vehicle Meets Emissions Standards

September 28th, 2011 by

How Does Emissions Testing Work?

Emissions testing is done in an effort to improve the air quality in and around the Boulder and Denver areas. Automobiles produce harmful pollutants including ozone emissions, which emissions testing aims to reduce. Here at Fisher Auto, we are dedicated not only to providing the best auto service in the Boulder area, but we also want to make sure our customers know how to keep their vehicles safe and eco-friendly.

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Emissions Testing Colorado

Due to the technology in today’s vehicles and the nature of our ozone problems, a higher-tech level of emissions testing is now necessary. All gasoline-powered passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs that are at least four years old must be tested. In order to legally register a vehicle, one must provide proof that the vehicle has passed an emissions test, and this process must occur at least every two years. Registration renewal letters that are sent through the mail will state whether or not an emissions test is required.

What If Your Vehicle Fails the Emissions Test?

Any vehicle that fails an emissions test will require repairs to in order to conform to Colorado’s emissions laws. Once the repairs have been completed, the vehicle must re-test and pass before it can be registered. If repairs have been performed within 10 days of the first testing, the second test will be free. After 10 days, there is another charge for the emissions test.
The Automobile Inspection and Readjustment Program is administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Business Group and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Pollution Control Division. The county clerk enforces the program.

Fisher Auto Can Help Your Vehicle Conform to Emissions Standards

At Boulder’s Fisher Auto, our service specialists are on hand for any repairs to your car, truck, SUV, or crossover that you may need. We provide a full-service repair and maintenance center, so if you have any problems with your vehicle, have been involved in a collision, or just need regularly scheduled maintenance, we can help. If your vehicle has not passed the emissions test, bring it in today. We will have it serviced and ready to be back on the road in no time. For your convenience, you may also schedule an appointment online.