Ignition System Repair

September 9th, 2011 by

What Does the Ignition System Do To My Engine?

checking Ignition SystemThe ignition system of your vehicle makes up some of the core elements of the internal combustion engine.  Its job is to perfectly time the ignition of fuel so that the engine runs as efficiently as possible.  If any of the parts that make up the ignition system are out of whack, your engine may lose a lot of power and burn too much fuel, or possibly even not work at all.  That is why it’s important to bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance to make sure that your ignition system, as well as your entire engine and its corresponding parts, are working properly.  Luckily, Fisher Auto in Boulder can service your vehicle’s engine and ignition system and replace any parts that may be taking away from your vehicle’s performance.

Ignition System Parts — What Needs to be Replaced?

  • Spark Plugs — The spark plug’s job is to send electrical voltage across the engine’s gap in order to start the reaction needed for the engine to fire.  If your spark plugs are old and damaged, the electrical reaction can’t take place and your engine won’t run.  Your engine has anywhere from four to eight spark plugs that need to be replaced about every 30,000-60,000 miles since they are subject to engine wear and tear from driving, fuel injection, etc.  Luckily, they’re fairly cheap and easy to repair.
  • Spark Plug Wires — The spark plug wires aren’t a moving part, so they don’t get worn out as easily, but it’s still important to check them when you check the plugs.  If the rubber casing around the wire is worn or cracked, then the electricity won’t go where it’s supposed to go.  This could lead to sparks of electricity jumping around outside of your engine so that the fuel doesn’t ignite, or even sparking other metal outside of your engine, causing further problems.  Plug wires in poor condition can also make a weak spark that affects fuel economy, causes damage to other parts of the engine, or even starts a fire.
  • Ignition Coils — The ignition coils conduct electricity directly from the vehicle’s battery to begin the reaction that runs the engine.  This electricity is sent to the spark plugs.  If the ignition coils are old or damaged, they won’t cause a spark and the engine will not run.
  • Distributor and Distributor Cap — The distributor is responsible for the timing of the electrical impulses it sends to the spark plugs.  While the distributor itself isn’t really subject to wear and tear, the distributor cap needs to be maintained in order for your engine to run properly.  Signs of dirt buildup, cracks, or a burnt appearance are all indicators that the distributor cap needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Automotive Parts and Service at Fisher Auto in Boulder, Colorado

Keep your ignition system and all of your vehicle’s components in top condition by bringing your car in for service at Fisher Auto in Boulder.  Don’t wait until your engine won’t fire.  Bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and save yourself time, money, and aggravation.  Whether you need an oil change, transmission service, brakes, or even engine repair, Fisher Auto’s experienced service team can handle it.  Fisher Auto is proud to service all makes and models, and also specializes in using genuine Honda and Acura parts on their vehicles.  Fisher Auto keeps the vehicles in Denver, Boulder, Erie, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster, and beyond running like new!  Call or come in today.