How Important is a Tune-Up? Ask Fisher Auto

June 21st, 2011 by

What is a Tune-Up? Learn About the Automotive Services Involved

A tune-up is preventive maintenance for your car, truck, SUV or crossover. Fisher Auto’s service department believes this is a vital step in keeping your vehicle running well for a long time. Most newer vehicles do not require a tune up until around 100,000 miles. However, car manufacturers recommend that vehicles built from the early 80’s through the late 90’s should be brought in for a tune-up every 30,000 miles.
Be aware of your gas mileage; figure out what your average miles-per-gallon are for every three fill-ups. If you notice that your vehicle’s average has dropped by 15% or more, chances are you are going to need to bring your vehicle in for a tune-up.
However, a drop in your average mpg isn’t the only warning sign.  There are quite a few other indicators to be on the lookout for such as: stalling, misfiring, hesitation, engine runs on with key off, black exhaust, knocking noises, rough or fast idle. The more of these symptoms you are experiencing, the more likely your vehicle is in need of a tune-up. Having a tune-up done now will avoid more expensive repairs later down the road.

When you bring your vehicle to Fisher Auto for a tune-up, a mechanic will:

• Replace the vehicle’s fuel filter
• Change out the spark plugs and examine the spark plug wires, these will also be replaced if needed
• Replace the distributor cap and rotor if your vehicle has them
• Adjust the valves as needed.
• Check fluids under the hood and refresh if needed. Have the oil changed now if your vehicle is due for one.
• Replace the air filter, this should be changed every 15,000 miles
• Adjust the clutch, this will be performed if your vehicle has a manual trans.
• Inspect and service your vehicle’s battery – distilled water will be added if needed, also the mechanic will clean the cable ends and terminals.
• Replace the positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV) – This has the tendency to cause your car to run rough or stall if it is clogged.
• Inspect the brakes and brake fluid
• Check the tire pressure and inspect for excessive tread wear
• It is also likely that the mechanic will also check the air conditioning and heater to make sure they are both functioning properly.
While having your car, truck, SUV or crossover tuned up isn’t a cure all, if done regularly, it can prevent a multitude of other problems you can face later on, ultimately saving you money on fuel and other more serious repairs if ignored.
At Fisher Auto, we offer our customers a wide variety of repairs and automotive services. We will have your vehicle serviced promptly while standing behind the quality of our work. Whether your vehicle is in for routine maintenance or major repairs we are ready to help. Call us or visit our website to talk to an advisor about your vehicle needs or to schedule your service appointment today.