Five Tips to Increase Fuel Economy

August 5th, 2014 by

Improving Your MPG Means Big Savings

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Increase fuel economy to save money

Even a moderate increase in fuel economy can save you thousands of dollars in gasoline costs over the lifetime of your car. You can check exactly how much you can save with this calculator, and keep reading to learn how to achieve better fuel economy.

Drive at a Moderate Speed for Maximum MPG

No one wants to slow down, and that’s understandable; but driving just 10 miles per hour slower can have a serious impact on your fuel economy. A Consumer Reports test showed that driving 55 mph increased fuel economy to 49 MPG in contrast to 42 MPG at 65 mph, and 37 MPG at 75 mph. Adding a few minutes to your commute could add more than a few dollars to your wallet.

Lighten the Load In Your Trunk to Lighten the Strain on Your Engine

You don’t need to remove your seats and strip your interior, just keep your car tidy. Take out the sandbags, book collection, bikes, or whatever else you might have hanging out in there. The lighter your vehicle, the less work your engine has to do to get the car moving, and the better your fuel economy will be.

 Accelerate Smoothly and Brake Slowly

Your commute might feel like a race, but if you want to save at the pump your best bet is to swap the heavy metal for some reggae and relax. Accelerating hard to reach the next red light won’t get you anywhere faster, but it will burn up your gas and brakes. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the car in front of you, not only will you save on gas, you will be much safer too.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated

When your tires become under-inflated they become dangerous, wear unevenly, and can cause a serious drop in your fuel economy. Under-inflated tires have a higher rolling resistance; it takes more work to keep your vehicle going. To compensate, your car burns more fuel. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacture’s recommendation; over-inflated tires may improve fuel economy, but they might also reduce safety and wear unevenly.

Keep Your Car Tuned Up

This is a surprisingly overlooked step to maximum miles per gallon. If you drive and older or higher mileage vehicle, consider having the car tuned up. Worn out spark plugs and ignition coils may be crippling your motor. If you don’t know when these parts were last replaced, check your maintenance records and recommended replacement intervals. A tune up might lead to an unexpected gain in both power and fuel economy.

Let Fisher Help You Improve Your Fuel Economy

We’re here to help you keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. Keep an eye on our Service Specials for deals that might increase your MPG. Right now we’re offering a deal on 4 wheel alignment. If you haven’t had an alignment done recently, you could be running your tires and your fuel economy. Check out your tires and give us a call!

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