Keeping Your Car Wash Eco-Friendly

July 21st, 2014 by

Keeping Your Car Clean 

Honda being washed

Wash your car in a commercial car wash facility when possible

It’s safe to say that everyone feels better driving a clean car, plus regular washes can extend the life of your vehicle and even improve fuel economy. But did you know that washing your car at home may be one of the most environmentally un-friendly chores that you do?
The Problem with Washing Your Car at Home
When you wash your car at home, the water you use runs into storm drains. Unlike household waste water which is treated before re-entering the environment; water that enters storms drains runs un-treated into rivers, creeks, and wetlands. Because the water that runs off of your car during a wash is contaminated with harsh chemicals, gasoline, and oil, it pollutes our planet and poisons aquatic life when it re-enters the environment.
Commercial Car Washes Are the Way to Go
Unlike a home car wash, excess water at a commercial car wash is treated before re-entering the environment. Federal laws require commercial carwash facilities to drain waste water into sewer systems where it is treated. Many commercial car Washes also recycle rinse-water and use special high-pressure nozzles and pumps to reduce wasting water
Thinking Green
At Fisher, we offer coupons to have your car washed at a commercial car wash, just a few blocks away from our shop, to avoid harmful waste water. If you must wash your car at home consider a waterless solution such as the Go Green Waterless Car Detailing System. If waterless isn’t your thing, there are many eco-friendly car wash soaps available that will reduce the harm caused by washing your vehicle. Whatever method you choose, it will be good to know that when you take care of your car, you’re taking care of the environment also.

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