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June 27th, 2011 by

Squeaking Brakes? It May Be Time To Replace Brake Pads

The most common repairs performed at auto service centers are on the brake system, and more specifically, the brake pads. Brake pads erode each time you press the brake whether they are composed of semi-metallic, ceramic, or organic materials. When brake pads wear down too much, the metal housing for the pads makes contact with the metal rotors, which produces a safety issue and a situation where the prolonged contact of metal parts without the pad buffer contributes to added repairs.
The technicians at Fisher Auto will tell you that the parts that make up your vehicle’s brake system wear down over time and eventually will need to be replaced. Brake parts consist of pads, calipers rotors, hoses and cables.
Replace Brake Pads - Fisher Auto - Boulder, ColoradoA vehicle gives off certain warning signs telling the car owner that the brakes may have gotten to the point of potential failure. The signs are easy to notice by simply use your sense of hearing, sight and touch.  The most common sign is a grinding sound when pressing the brake. Also, If the brake warning light pops up on the dash make sure to bring your vehicle into a service center and have them inspected. Low or dirty brake fluid, a pulsation when the brake is pressed or the vehicle pulling to one side all suggest potential issues with the brake system.
There all sorts of different brake parts on the market and using the cheaper ones may compromise your safety while the more expensive ones my not necessarily be any safer than standard brake parts. As long as the part is “Certified” you will know that the part meets federal performance standards for your vehicle. Look for manufacturers that aggressively test their standard line, then if you feel it is necessary, upgrade if you need more performance or are looking for other advantages such as reduced wheel dust. Cheaper brake parts tend to have a shorter life span and may come with more complications.  Look for parts that come with a lifetime warranty to help ensure the safety of your vehicle.
At Fisher Auto, we have been servicing vehicles for over 40 years.  If your car, truck or SUV is in need of brake repair or service, call us or stop by today.  Our factory-trained, highly skilled technicians are here for all of your automotive service needs.