OEM and Aftermarket Brake Pads for Your Subaru at Fisher

March 18th, 2015 by

Your Source for New Brake Pads for Your Subaru

Fisher Auto is your source for reliable parts and components for everything that your Subaru may need, including new brake pads for you vehicle. Brake pads are important to your vehicle and its safe operation, and need to be replaced as they are worn down by their use. Brake pads stopping the vehicle wears them down over an average duration of between 30,000 and 70,000 miles. Drivers need  to have their brake pads checked regularly or inspect pads themselves in order to make sure they’re still in fully functional condition and will not cause any issues for driving the vehicle.

When it comes time to replace your Subaru’s brake pads in Broomfield, Lafayette, or Louisville, Fisher Service Center can make sure that you are well taken care of.

We take pride in the fact that we are confidently able to service all makes and models, including Subaru, and we will help you find high quality aftermarket parts that will function as your OEM brake pads did. If you want more performance-oriented brake pads that excel in a specific use, we can help you to find great components that function exactly how you would like and are the perfect fit for your vehicle. We can order and install any aftermarket brake pads that you would like, or we can attain them for you to put them on yourself. If we order the parts for you to install, any warranty will depend on that specific manufacturer, and if they offer one. If you have us install the brake pads for you, our work and any components that we use will come with a 1 year/ 12,000 mile warranty against any manufacturer defects that could make the part faulty. Brake pads are a natural wear item though, so we can only guarantee them against imperfections that make them faulty, which does not cover everyday wear and tear.

There are a variety of differences between OEM and aftermarket components, let’s look into some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons: Subaru OEM and Aftermarket Brake Pads

There are strengths and weaknesses to each type of replacement brake pad, just like everything else.

OEM Brake Pads


  • The parts were certified on your vehicle when it was new
  • Manufacturer warranty for a full year
  • Easy to find the ideal component because manufacturer guidelines for the exact part


  • They’re only available at dealerships or authorized sellers
  • Can be expensive compared to some lower priced aftermarket options

Aftermarket Brake Pads


  • Giant selection of options for every vehicle out there for every performance level, varying in quality
  • Variety of low and high cost parts that serve the same purpose, you get what you pay for
  • Widely available online and at automotive parts storefronts
  • Guaranteed warranty through Fisher if we install the components


  • Quality isn’t guaranteed like with the OEM parts, varied quality levels based on price and brand
  • Warranties aren’t universal, so defective items are more of a problem unless you pay more for a guaranteed option
  • The large selection of potential parts can be overwhelming unless you know exactly what you’re looking for

If you need new brake pads for your Subaru, Fisher Service Center can help you with anything and everything that you require, from consultations, to getting the parts, to installing the parts and getting you back on the road. Come by today!