Our Commitment to Customer Service

July 22nd, 2014 by

Fisher Auto Dealership’s Customer Service

When Larry took his car to Firestone for an oil change, they noticed that his brakes needed service. Larry thought having his brakes serviced was a good idea, but did not want to wait the three or so days that it would take for the parts to arrive at Firestone. Instead he made an appointment to take his Honda to Fisher; where we had the chance to win his business. Check out the video here to see what happened, or continue reading.

Off to a Good Start

Larry had planned to walk the two or so miles to work after dropping his Honda off with the service department. Fortunately, he was able to take advantage of our courtesy shuttle instead. With a commitment to call when the service was finished, and a ride to work, things were going well.

Going Downhill

As 4pm rolled around and Larry had not heard any updates on his Honda, he called to ask about the hold-up. We did not have the correct parts to complete the repair on Larry’s vehicle, and it would not be ready until the next evening. Understandably upset, Larry asked us to put the car back to driving condition so that he could get home to Thornton without renting a vehicle.

Making it Right

When Larry received a ride back to Fisher from his office in our courtesy shuttle, he explained his experience to our shuttle driver Phil. Fortunately, as Larry and Phil arrived back at the shop, Phil spotted our owner Craig Fisher walking across the parking lot. Phil introduced Larry to Craig, here Larry told his story to Craig. Now Craig had a chance to make things right, instead of just apologizing, Craig pulled out the keys to his personal car, and gave them to Larry to take for the night. No questions, just a gesture of good-will.

Fisher Auto’s Commitment to Customer Service

We do our best to get things right from the start with friendly service, honest estimates, and no-pressure service advice. And based on the feedback that we get, we are doing an exceptional job, (check out our reviews here). But rest assured, that if we do make a mistake we will always do our best to make things right.