What is Wheel Alignment & Why is it Important?

April 28th, 2011 by

Automotive Services – Wheel Alignment

Wheel AlignmentProper maintenance of your automobile has many long term and financial benefits, as any trustworthy service department will tell you. Everyone knows that is it important to have routine oil changes, but the benefits of consistent wheel alignments is not as widely known.  As a result, most people fail to have their vehicle’s alignment checked and end up with unnecessary, costly repairs caused by misaligned wheels.

Below are several reasons that you should schedule routine wheel alignments:

  • Proper alignment will maximize the miles you get out of your tires before they need replacing.  Regular wheel alignments will ensure that your tires are undergoing the same amount of contact and wearing.  If a particular part of the tire has more pressure than another part then it will wear down faster and need replacing sooner.
  • Improved gas mileage.  In order for your vehicle to operate at the highest fuel efficiency level possible, it is vital that you regularly align your vehicle’s wheels.  Misaligned wheels cause the tires to create a higher level of rolling resistance (friction between the tires and the road) which negatively impacts the gas mileage of a vehicle.  So, to improve the gas mileage you get out of your vehicle, make sure the wheels are aligned.
  • Improved sustainability of other parts in your car.  Misaligned wheels cause you, the driver, to over-correct and constantly engage the steering system in order to prevent your vehicle to drift.  Additionally, your brakes experience increased pressure because one side of the brake system is experiencing more pressure than the other.  Proper maintenance and inspection of wheel alignment by a service team like the one at Fisher Auto can prevent such complex components from wearing down too soon and needing early replacement.
  • Staying protected under your tire warranty.  If your tires break down due to a wheel alignment issue, the manufacturer is not considered to be the responsible party and this also gives them the ability to end warranty coverage.
  • Better, safer, more enjoyable driving.  Proper wheel alignment prevents your vehicle from drifting and gives you a more enjoyable ride and drive.

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