When to Change Your Transmission Fluid

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Different transmission fluidsDo You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid?

The transmission in your vehicle is one of the key components that delivers power to your wheels. Without a functioning transmission, you’re probably not going anywhere except maybe downhill. And if you do find yourself with a broken transmission, repairs costs can soar well above $3,000. Keep reading to learn if and when you should flush your transmission fluid.

Follow Your Owner’s Manual for Transmission Fluid Flush Intervals

The best and most cost effective way to keep your car running in optimal condition is to perform regular maintenance according to your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. This schedule can be found in the owner’s manual for most cars; if you no longer have your owner’s manual check the manufacturers website or give us a call. If you drive a newer Honda equipped with Maintenance Minder simply follow the prompts on your Dashboard. Check out this quick video to learn more about Honda’s Maintenance Minder.

Driving Conditions Effect Transmission Fluid Longevity

off roading this kia sorento heats transmission fluidLike most of the components in your vehicle, the longevity of transmission fluid is affected by driving style and conditions. If you drive your vehicle hard, take it off-roading, or tow with it, your transmission fluid may break down more quickly. Any of the aforementioned activities may create excessive heat in your transmission which will cause your transmission fluid to break down more rapidly than normal driving conditions. Since most of us mountain-loving-Coloradans make at least several trips over the continental divide each year, we typically put a higher strain on our vehicle’s transmission than those who are not fortunate enough to live near the mountains. Because of this, it is especially important to have your transmission fluid changed no later than the manufacturer’s recommended interval.

Determining What Type of Transmission Fluid is Best

Once again, turn to your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Even though transmissions are typically mass produced, they are still precision components and using the incorrect fluid may damage or destroy your transmission.  If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, you might be surprised to find that it uses the same fluid as some automatic transmissions, but be sure to check the manual since this is not always the case.

Signs That Your Transmission Fluid Should Be ExchangedHonda Transmission

If you are the owner of a used vehicle without maintenance minder, it can be difficult to determine what maintenance has already been performed on your vehicle. Here are some signs that your vehicle is overdue for a transmission fluid service.

  • The transmission grinds and/or makes strange sounds
  • The transmission slips out of gears
  • Trouble changing gears
  • Jerky movements and sudden vehicle surges
  • Long delays before your vehicle moves after being put in gear

These symptoms may indicated other problems, and if you experience any of these it is wise to have a mechanic check out your vehicle right away. Of course, your best bet is to keep up with transmission fluid exchanges to avoid these problems.

Let Fisher Service Take Care of Your Transmission

If you have any questions or concerns about your transmission fluid we are happy to talk with you. If your vehicle is due for service, check out the Fisher Service specials page for discounts. These deals change frequently, so keep checking back to keep both your wallet and car happy.

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